Handshake of two business men agreeing on contract during meeting

If you are contemplating a private sale, we can help you:-

  • Structure the deal to get you the best possible terms and conditions which could save you considerable tax
  • Negotiate the best possible price from your buyer
  • Safeguard your buyer’s offer
  • Keep taxes down and retain more of the net proceeds whilst keeping down risks and exposure after the sale to claims from the buyer


We can either work alongside your accountant or take over your accountancy & tax affairs but sometimes if you would like to reduce your professional fees, it is more efficient and cost effective if you engage us well before the sale of your pharmacy.



Our unique 7 point diagnostic review of your pharmacy business could save you thousands of pounds. Our unique DeTax scheme allows us to help you identify where and how to make these savings. Our Pre-sale tax planning includes;-

  • Ownership of the business
  • Cash extraction
  • Latent issues which arise and reduce the sale price


Our specialist services for pharmacy sellers includes the following:-

  • Management accounts to improve the sale price of your business
  • Commitment to minimising your tax bills
  • Tax planning for individuals, companies and LLP
  • Capital Gains Tax & Exit planning
  • Advice on improving turnover & gross profit in the lead up to selling
  • Reviewing & amending the tax section of the sale contract with buyers to ensure your interests are fully protected